Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates

Pilates is ideal for pregnancy – before, during, and after. Give us a call to explore whether Pilates is right for your individual needs.

Pre-Natal Pilates

We work with pregnant women through private sessions that can be booked during the day, evenings or weekends. Double up with a friend for Duets Pilates classes tailored to your schedule. (We do not offer pre-natal group classes at this time.)

Pilates will help

  • Strengthen the core – supporting abdominal muscles, muscles along the spine and upper back
  • Release tightness throughout the body
  • Gain awareness of the changing center of gravity and develop balance
  • Maintain muscle tone and strength throughout the body

Post-Natal Pilates

Once your doctor has cleared you to resume exercise, you are welcome to join a small group class. Before you do, we typically start you off with a few private sessions to determine your specific needs Our Intro Bundle is a great way to start, and if needed, we can exchange one more private lesson in lieu of the 3 group classes. Also note the following:

  • Some exercises in group classes are contra-indicated for post-partum and breast-feeding mothers, but we can often make modifications.
  • Women with diastasis recti can benefit tremendously from Pilates and often see great results. Please note that you may need to do private lessons while the separation of the rectus abdominus closes, and/or learn which exercises in group classes are not appropriate for this condition.

Here is what clients are saying:

I feel so much better. The tightness is gone. I can get on with the day.

– Annika R.

Wow, I really felt my, um, back side after the last session. I realized I could still tone up while pregnant.

– Marie P.