Pilates Fit

Optimum is the place to come if you are looking for Pilates true-to form, with deeply knowledgeable instructors. We take the time to know you, your goals, and how you move. With just 2 to 5 people in our small group classes, you’ll get a full-body workout, with coaching to find the just-right level of challenge for you. Pilates works from the inside-out so we’ll help you find muscles you didn’t know you have. You will feel conditioned and aware of your body’s potential in a whole new way at Optimum.

Here is what clients are saying:

Even though class itself feels peaceful and relaxing, I’m always pleased to discover that several muscles are sore the next day, which is really the best workout possible – the kind that gets results, but doesn’t feel like drudgery! As a certified yoga instructor for 17 years, I can be rather picky when it comes to choosing classes for myself, but I’ve been very impressed with Optimum.

– Nell D.

I've worked with Anne and, wow, she is like Sherlock Holmes. I think if you aren't working your abs, get busy!

– David Z.

The instructors have taught me so much about my body. I began by taking privates and then slowly integrated myself into their group classes. I have taken classes from most of the instructors and they are all amazing! I really see a difference in my body and how toned I have become! I love this place!!

– Justina K.

I am so excited I found you and the other instructors at Optimum Pilates. I am loving the classes and am so glad to be back doing reformer pilates.

– Sue S.