Injury Recovery

If you are recovering from an injury, we are committed to helping you find freedom from pain and regain function. You will also improve your fitness at the same time. Note that support for injuries typically requires private sessions in the medium term or longer, depending on the issue and overall starting fitness level.

Instructors are highly experienced with

  • Back or hip pain – mild to severe tightness or discomfort, post-surgery recovery, alternatives to surgery, hip replacement recovery, or scoliosis
  • Knees – torn meniscus, ACL, knee replacements, alignment and/or movement patterns that leave you achy and limited in your activities
  • Neck and shoulders – rotator cuff pain, post-surgery recovery, arthritis, frozen shoulder, strained neck, and generalized aches and pains
  • Ankles and feet – alignment, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis
  • Challenges associated with osteoporosis, surviving cancer, and chronic conditions

Here is what clients are saying:

I woke up this morning and forgot I had a back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Shelley Z.

I’ve been going to Optimum Pilates on average twice a week for over two years. The instructors are great – I’ve taken classes from Olivia, Cynthia and Krista over the years. I’m currently doing private lessons with Anne, who each week designs a customized workout that utilizes all the different equipment. All the instructors are keenly focused on addressing personal modification needs during the classes. Goodbye back pain, hello a lifetime of pilates!

– Elise O.

Worked with both Anne and Cynthia and they gave me an incredible work out while making custom adaptations for an old injury. After just a month or so of classes I can already tell a difference in muscle tone, strength, and stability.

– Arianna P.

…The exercises are very democratic – what you do on one side of the body you always do on the other, so my body feels balanced (unlike when I do sports like tennis, Frisbee, volleyball, etc), which is really important for my scoliosis.

– Bekah D.

I am a former triathlete who has become overweight and gained back problems with age. I came to Optimum Pilates to address my back pain, strengthen my body, and start getting into better shape. What I found was a pristine space and professional, compassionate teachers who clearly know what they are doing and can work with anyone. It is so great to have found a place that is so welcoming.

– Kathleen M.

I finally found exercise I love.

– Kerstin P.